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Water Filter » Water Filter Elements » Jumbo Elements 20"

Jumbo Elements 20"

Jumbo elements

Jumbo elements, also known as BB or large diameter, is characterized by having a larger diameter (~114mm) than the standard elements (62mm). The larger filter element allows for a much larger flow and the larger surface has enormous dirt capacity.

Like all of our other elements, Jumbo's have varying filtrationrates, delivering fine drinking water filtration and eliminating odor and taste, but the elements are also supplied as wound filters with a coarser filtering degree, for removing visible particles and coarse filtering, for example. process water.

The filters in this category have a length of 20" and a diameter of ~114mm. See each product for precise specifications.

Filter Jumbo 100 Jumbo 75 Jumbo 50 Jumbo 20 Jumbo 5 Jumbo 1 Jumbo Pleat2 Jumbo AK
Filtration rate 100 µm 75 µm 50 µm 25 µm 5 µm 1 µm 1 / 0,5 µm Activated Carbon
Max temperature 65°C 65°C 65°C 82°C 82°C 82°C 38°C 38°C
Taste & odor            
Standard Filtration

Waterfilter insert Jumbo (20") - 100 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP100

Waterfilter insert Jumbo (20") - 75 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP075

Vattenfilter insats Jumbo (20") - 20 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP020

Waterfilter insert Jumbo (20") - 10 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP010

Waterfilter insert Jumbo (20") - 5 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP005

Waterfilter insert Jumbo (20") - 1 µm

EUR 52,00EUR 65,00
Item no:WEB20PP001

Jumbo AP814-2 filter - 160 l/min - 50 µm

EUR 107,00EUR 133,75
Item no:E-70020105337

Jumbo AP817-2 filter - 38 l/min ACTIV CARBON

EUR 215,00EUR 268,75
Item no:E-70020169671