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Water filter

Partikel Filter

In some households there are problems with particles in the water. These particles can e.g. Be small sand grains that are annoying when using the water. With an Vana Water Filter, you can reduce the amount of these particles in your water by up to 90%. To be sure of water of a generally good quality, filter with a 5 µm filter. It is also possible to remove a bad odor from water. This is done using an activated charcoal filter. If you choose to use an activated carbon filter, we recommend that you also use a 5 µm prefilter.

Vana water filters are high quality water filters and are available in several versions. There are water filters at 14 l/min, 28 l/min and 80 l/min.

To find the right solution for you, you must know your household's maximum flow. A normal faucet or shower uses approx. 14 liters per minute, so a good way to find the household's maximum flow is by finding out how many showers and faucets are going to run at the same time.

Waterfilter Vana - small Incl. element - 15 l / min Save
Waterfilter Vana - small Incl. element - 15 l / min
Item no:UPM001KIT
EUR 49,00EUR 40,00EUR 50,00
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Vana Medium Water Filter incl. element - 28 l / min Save
Vana Medium Water Filter incl. element - 28 l / min
Item no:UP001KIT
EUR 57,00EUR 47,00EUR 58,75
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Vana Jumbo water filter incl. element - 80 l / min Save
Vana Jumbo water filter incl. element - 80 l / min
Item no:UPJ001KIT
EUR 126,00EUR 113,00EUR 141,25
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Filter Housing Flow Number of taps
Vana Small 14 l/min 1
Vana Medium 28 l/min 2
Vana Jumbo 10" 80 l/min 5
Vana Jumbo 20" 150 l/min 10

If you want to be sure that you get a filter kit that can follow your water consumption, you can calculate it more precisely based on the table below.

ApplicationWater Consumption
Regular Shower 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Shower 6-10 l/min
Regular Tap 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Tap 3-9 l/min
Regular Toilet Bowl 6 l/flush
New/Dual Flush 3 eller 6 l/flush
Older (10 years) washing machine 80-100 l/wash
Newer washing machine 40-80 l/wash
Older dishwasher 20-23 l/wash
Newer dishwasher 13-20 l/wash