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Water Treatment » 3M Point Of Use » Coffee and soft drink machines

Coffee and soft drink machines

Billede: 2804

At Filter-online we conduct a range of cartridges from 3M developed specifically for café and restaurant industry. These cartridges filter particles from the water before coffee machines, soft drinks machines and ice machines.


The ScaleGard Pro range is a disposable scale control system designed to protect coffee and vending equipment from scale build up.

Designed to prevent hard scale formation in the heating coils that results in energy inefficiency, downtime and expensive service calls.


Most sizes are available in a bypass and non-bypass version. The bypass version lets 25% of pass around the filter so you keep some minerals in the water which can provide great taste.


We recommend the bypass versions for applications where the water quality is good, but you want to improve the quality of your coffee.


The no bypass version is recommended for applications where there are unwanted particles in the water.




ScaleGard P115E - 600 liters - No Bypass

EUR 53,00EUR 66,25
Item no:E-7100017167

ScaleGard P124-BNE - 1600 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 84,00EUR 105,00
Item no:E-7100017165

ScaleGard P165E - 1725 liter - No Bypass

EUR 115,00EUR 143,75
Item no:E-7100022160

ScaleGard P165-BNE - 2300 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 115,00EUR 143,75
Item no:E-7100016375

ScaleGard P195-BNE - 3800 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 144,00EUR 180,00
Item no:E-7100016374

ScaleGard P1175E - 4500 liter - No Bypass

EUR 249,00EUR 311,25
Item no:E-7100017172

ScaleGard P1175-BNE - 6000 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 249,00EUR 311,25
Item no:E-7100016373

Billede: 2805